To kick off the new year we are setting aside time to fast and pray as a collective body. In the chaos and busyness of life, we recognize that there are countless distractions that divert our attention from Jesus. So, we want to enter this season with intentionality and an acute awareness of God’s presence in our lives as we seek to follow Jesus, become like him, and do what he does.

In the book of Philippians Paul challenges us to pursue Christ diligently and with joy, regardless of season or circumstance. For 21 Days, we want to Choose Joyand respond to the ways that He challenges our common perspectives and dispositions. In this journey, we believe the Spirit will prompt us to drop what is holding us back and encourage us to move toward Jesus.

Although we may fast various things, the purpose remains the same: we desire to Choose Joy as we drop something in order to draw nearer to Jesus. And we must begin by asking God what he is asking us to drop. For some it might be tangible things like food, coffee, or entertainment. For others, it may be intangible things like complaining, comparison, or negativity. The object is not what’s important. God is after our heart and these things may be standing in the way of that. So, with our eyes set on Jesus, we’re excited to see how he invites us to further follow him, become like him, and do what he does as we fast and pray for 21 days.

For the next 21 days, what do you commit to fast to Choose Joy?

Prayer Gatherings

In Philippians 1:18-19, Paul reframed his present circumstances through the power of the gospel. His strategy for choosing joy was to stay connected to a praying community, to live life in the Spirit, and to practice rejoicing. Throughout the 21 Days we will gather for 3 consecutive Wednesdays to practice worship, prayer, and rejoicing. Join us for one or all these gatherings.

Wednesday, January 22, 7pm
345 Fischer Ave., Costa Mesa

Join us as we celebrate all God did over the 21 days and practice rejoicing through worship.