09/17 NOTICE: Due to the creative assets required for Mission Month, the Comms Team has limited capacity and will be prioritizing projects toward this. We will do our best to resource ministries as we are able and ask for patience and flexibility in the meantime.


Which form should I use?

General Request: This form is for everything from social media posting to event-specific to written content requests.

Creative Assets Request: This form is for requests pertaining to graphics, rave cards, X stands, foam signs, etc.

Website/App Request: This form is for website or app update requests, ranging from new webpage requests to minor changes on existing pages.

How far in advance do I need to fill out my request?

The rule of thumb is… as soon as you can! It’s never too early to make a request, however, if you are worried about submitting in time, please use the timeframes listed below.

General Requests: 2 weeks in advance.

Creative Assets Requests: ​3 weeks in advance, since creating graphics and having them either digitally created and/or printed is an extensive process.

Website + App Requests: For updates, you’ll want to have your request in ​1-2 weeks in advance, depending on how extensive the changes are. Since our team is nearly always working on of these types of projects at once and we want to give our best work back to you, we need time to do so and ask that if you have a minor request for a page update fulfilled by Sunday, you place a request no later than the Monday prior, though preferably earlier.

For website or app page creations, a minimum of 3 weeks is needed since this is an extensive process as well.