Jenn Westre

Placentia, CA
ONLY CHILD LIFE, Mom & Dad. Love them!
Describe your job
I have the honor and privilege of partnering with the Holy Spirit to lead our church into the presence of God through music…giving space to remember, return and reconnect with our Father in heaven. I get to lead alongside some amazing and brilliant musicians that passionately love Jesus. It’s my hope and prayer that as we worship, God is blessed by our song and that He continues to bring us tighter together as sons & daughters, one house & one family.
Beach or mountains?
Depends on the day. I eventually want to take a helicopter ride to the woods. BETTER THAN DRIVING.
Coffee or tea?
COFFEE ALL DAY, unless I’m singing then tea is the wiser choice. BLAH
Early bird or night owl?
I want sooooooo badly to be a morning person, but man do I like pillows and big covers. Pray for me!
In my free time I enjoy…
Spending time with people. Cooking together. Going on adventures to new places. Journaling. Playing and writing music. I love spending time in nature. Trying new things. One of my favorite things.
Favorite spot in Orange County?
Crystal Cove… orrr Disneyland
One place I’ve always wanted to visit is…
The best movie of all time is clearly…
Ummm, I always have an issue answering this question. TOO MANY!!! but obviously the Jurassic Park series (possibly I’m bias though, since I was lucky enough to take a tour ON HORSE BACK of all the sets and backdrops of the movie. AAAMAZING)
The famous person I most clearly resemble is…
I get Kelly Clarkson a lot. I don’t see it but I’ll take it, if her voice comes with it!!