We are created by God to be in community with other believers. E-Groups provide a weekly opportunity for people to experience connection, share needs, and receive prayer and support through a digital platform. If you’d like be a part of these groups, fill out our interest form and we’ll get you connected!

What is an E-Group?

An E-Group is a small group that meets digitally on a weekly basis with others.

Who are these groups for?

Anyone who is looking for community with others at Rockharbor and beyond. We were made to be in community with others, and we want to take advantage of every opportunity to continue gathering together.

What do E-Groups do together with their time?

It depends on the group, as each E-Group is unique. Most groups spend a portion of their time getting to know new members or catching up on their weeks; often a group will play a game together or have conversation around a particular topic. For more questions about a specific group, click on the group image below to view that group’s summary and the group leader’s contact email.

How do I join an E-Group?

Click on an image below for the group that you want to try out. When you reach the form, enter your information and select the name of the group from the image you selected.

What if I join an E-Group and it isn’t a good fit?

No problem. Just like the rest of your life, these groups are meant to be organically natural, and we want you to find people who you are comfortable spending time with. If your first group doesn’t work out, try another group!

What happens after I select an E-Group and submit the form?

Your E-Group leader will reach out to you in the next week or so with more information, and inviting you to their next online group meeting.

General E-Groups