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Because of who God is and all He has done, we always have a reason to celebrate Him. We gather each weekend with an expectation that He will meet us, He will change us as we seek Him and confront our lives with His truth, and He will equip us to live out the Gospel in our everyday lives. Since our first Celebration Service, RHCM has gathered together each weekend to pursue and celebrate God. The songs sung, the truth taught from God’s Word, the storytelling, the creative elements, the space we gather in, the prayer and ministry time, and each person all play a part in shaping each celebration. But most importantly, each celebration is influenced by the presence of God Himself and the movement of His Holy Spirit. As we seek God together, we ask that His Spirit would reveal Himself to us both for the sake of us as individuals and as a faith community as a whole. By responding to Him and to His truth, we are both changed and equipped to live out His Gospel in our lives. If you are looking for a church community to step into, or if you are interested in finding out more about RHCM, or if you have questions about God, we invite you to visit us live on Facebook or at

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