Safety Procedures

We hold the safety of your family and children in the highest regard. Each weekend, our Families team follows these guidelines to ensure the protection of all our classrooms, volunteers, and your children.

  • ONLY volunteers on duty and parents of children on-site are allowed to enter the Families area 9which extends from the Families entrance on Fischer to the middle of the main hallway).
  • Parents sign-in their children at our Electronic Check-in Area by providing their child’s name and their own cell phone number (in case of emergency). Parents are given a printed nametag for their child and a numbered claim card that gives them access to the Families area.
  • NO one may enter the Families area unless they show a valid claim card at security checkpoints and NO child can be signed out without returning the claim card.
  • Volunteers are identified with a green lanyard and photo ID badge. RH staff and leaders are identified with a blue lanyard and photo ID badge. ONLY those wearing lanyards and badges are allowed to enter classrooms.
  • Each service has a “Shepherd Leader”. These leaders roam the hallways and classrooms throughout that service to offer assistance and to check in on the small group time.
  • No volunteer is EVER allowed to be alone with a child and all classrooms are equipped with windows.
  • No male volunteers are EVER allowed to change diapers or take children to restrooms. Female volunteers on bathroom-runs with kids must first check the bathroom and stalls before allowing kids to enter.
  • Child designated restrooms are located in the Families entrance, in the Nursery hallway, and in Studio K. These bathrooms are ONLY for children before, during, and after service.
  • Parents who wish to stay in the classroom with their child are allowed to do so but are not allowed to take any child to the restroom or change any diaper. Additionally, that parent must receive a parent volunteer badge, and fill out a “One-Time Serve” form that includes the parent’s driver’s license number, address, and other pertinent information.

Rockharbor also uses the following protocol in selecting volunteers for any Families classroom. Each prospective volunteer must:

  • Fill out an extensive volunteer application
  • Pass a thorough background check
  • Pass a search of registered sex offenders as listed on the Megan’s Law website
  • Have 2 references called and interviewed by the RH Family team
  • Take part in a one-hour interview with the RH Family team
  • As an extra measure of security, Facebook accounts are also checked to uncover any inappropriate posts/photos/activity
  • Additionally, a list of prospective volunteers is sent to all RH staff to allow for internal feedback regarding any proposed volunteers