Personal Stewardship is what we do with what we have.

In a culture that encourages us to live as far above our means as possible, personal stewardship can often be a source of worry, guilt, or confusion. God’s desire for us is simple, and yet more stretching and fulfilling than we can imagine. He wants us to be wise managers of all he has entrusted to us, and generous givers who give in response to his great love. 

FPU is a 9-week class that teaches people to achieve financial goals by saving for the future, budgeting money, eliminating debt, and giving like never before. The class is taught by Dave Ramsey via DVD, followed by a small group discussion facilitated by table leaders. 

Cost: $100 per Membership Kit (Married couples can share a kit).

Two courses run simultaneously at RHCM, so you can pick the course that works the best with your schedule!

Tuesdays starting September 17
The Library
3095 Red Hill Ave., Costa Mesa

Upcoming FPU Courses