For the next 60 days, we want to step in to the practice of generosity as a community. 

Scripture teaches us that God is generous and desires for his people to be generous as well (2 Corinthians 9:6-11).

By engaging in the practice of generosity, we are invited into a posture of living where we proclaim, “God owns it all and I invest my finances for the sake of his purposes.”

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God has asked us to give intentionally, regularly and generously so we might grow in our faith. Regular giving is a continual reminder to follow Jesus with our whole lives.

Giving is also a means to release the stronghold that finances and material things have in our hearts.

In practicing generosity, we become more like Jesus and are free from the grasp of materialism. We give regularly so that we are continually put in a position of humility, service, and trust.

There are three practical ways to step in to generosity over the next 60 days:

If you attend Rockharbor and have never practiced generosity, start slow, give $1 a day for the next 60 days.

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If you already give regularly, ask God if he’s calling you to give more. Consider increasing your giving by 2% or more.

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God may be inviting you to give above and beyond in the next 60 days. Ask him to highlight three ways you can bless the church, your community, or someone in need.

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First Fruits

Rockharbor gives 10% of every dollar towards justice and kingdom building efforts beyond our church.

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