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You might have found your way to this page because you recently said yes to Jesus for the first time, or you are here because you are looking for tools to grow in your faith, or both! We want to equip you to follow Jesus, so below are some resources to help you along the way. If you’d like to talk to someone about following Jesus, click the link below or visit

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How to read the Bible?


We believe that the Bible is a unified story that leads us to Jesus. Crucial to growing in relationship with Jesus is spending time reading the Bible. The Bible is often called God’s Word, because it is the way that God speaks to us; telling the story of how God has been faithful to his people and revealing his plan to restore the whole world, including us!
If you are new to reading the Bible, a great place to start is in one of the gospel books. We recommend the book of Mark or the book of John using the NIV or NLT translation. To get the most out of reading the Bible, create a daily rhythm of reading at a set time of day. As you read, be expectant that God will speak to you through the words and stories. Make space to reflect on what you are reading by asking what the passage reveals about God, about humanity, and God’s plan to restore. Consider how the Holy Spirit is working in you to help you become more like Jesus and an action step that you could take to grow in this area.


Bible Resources

Below are some resources to help you grow in reading the Bible.


• Bible in One Year App

As a church we are reading the whole Bible together. Download the BIOY app to read with us and get commentary on the daily passages.


• Bible Project Videos

The Bible Project produces short videos to help understand the greater context biblical books and themes, equipping you to read the whole Bible on your own.


• Biblical Foundations Course

Biblical Foundations is an on-going course where we will be taking an
extensive journey through the Bible. The class will help you understand
the biblical narrative from beginning to end. Join us for the entire series or jump in along the way.

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How Do I Pray

One of the best ways to connect with God is through prayer. Prayer is talking with God, listening for God’s voice, and spending time in his presence. In conversation with God, we can speak to him, he hears us and can respond to what we say. He is not far off or distant. He is deeply concerned with our lives, thoughts, and feelings. He desires to hear from us. We can speak to him, and we can be honest with him about our lives as they really are.

In prayer we can also learn to listen for God’s voice. He can speak to us internally through things like impressions, thoughts, or feelings. He can also speak to us externally through things like the Bible, our circumstances, or other people. The best way to learn what God sounds like is by reading the Bible. the Bible is always the measure by which we discern if what we are hearing from God is accurate, because God will always speak and act in ways that are consistent with his character as he is revealed in the Bible.

Prayer Practice

Prayer starts by making space to be present to God. You can speak to him and listen for his voice. Many believers find it helpful to set aside specific times of day to practice prayer. A simple format for prayer is to start by giving thanks to God for who he is and what he has done in your life. Next, move into a time of sharing your heart, experiences, thoughts, and desires with him. Afterwards, make some space to listen for his voice speaking to you internally. Next, turn to a time of intercession, praying for him to move in the people and situations in your life. End by choosing to trust in Jesus and resting in his love for you.

Prayer Resources

Below are some resources to help you grow in prayer.

• Guided Prayer Audio

Our team has created a series of guided prayers to help you engage with the presence of God through a variety of topics you may be facing.

Listen Here

• Guided Prayer PDF

Our team created a prayer guide using The Lord’s Prayer to help guide you through praying on your own. You can download a PDF here.



Follow, Become, Do


As a Church we are dropping everything to follow Jesus, become like Jesus, and doing what Jesus does. Last Fall, we walked through the book of Mark to grow in following Jesus with our whole lives. Messages from series will help you to get closer to Jesus and equip you with practical ways of following him with your whole life.


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Connect With Others


Following Jesus isn’t something that we are meant to do alone. We were created for community with one another so that we can grow together. E-Groups provide a weekly opportunity for people to experience connection, share needs, and receive prayer and support through a digital platform. Learn more about digital communities below.


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