Follow Jesus. Become like Jesus.
Do What Jesus Does.

This is our goal. Below are a couple of ways we’re learning to do this as a community.


Alpha is a series of sessions exploring life, faith, and meaning.


Baptisms at  Rockharbor are a big celebration! Baptism is an outward representation of an inner transformation, a physical expression of devotion with deep spiritual significance. Baptisms are held 2-3 times a year during weekend celebration services.


We offer a variety of teams and trainings to help you to grow in prayer and partner with us as we cover our church, city, and the rest of the world in prayer.

Bible in One Year

At RHMV we give a continual encouragement to be reading Scripture daily.  We offer various reading plans and methods, and encourage everyone who calls RHMV home to read through the Bible in a year.

Third Space

A third space is a chosen place other than home or church where you will intentionally show God’s love to others in order to develop habits and a lifestyle of doing this wherever you go.

Spiritual Practices Podcast

The lifestyle that characterized Jesus was a life immersed in, what ancients and contemporaries have labeled, the Spiritual Practices. If we want to “Do what Jesus would do” we’re convinced we must “Do what Jesus was doing.” This is the heart behind Spiritual Practices.