Courses that equip the Church to advance God's work on Earth

Kingdom Training is a series of courses designed to equip us to live everything Jesus said and taught.

The courses are designed to help us be more effective, confident, informed and passionate as we love God and others wherever he has placed us.  From training in prayer, parenting and theology, to practical discussions around the cultural issues of the day, our hope is that we are challenged to consider how our faith informs every aspect of our lives and how we are meant to impact God’s Kingdom.  The courses range in length from one week to several weeks, and you can attend one course or many.

Kingdom Training is built to broaden our perspective for who God is and what His Kingdom is doing and we expect it to spark creativity and encourage life change in and around us.

Kingdom Training Courses

MV 101

Are you new or do you feel new to Rockharbor Mission Viejo? Learn about who we are as a church, what we believe, how Jesus is at work at RHMV, and ways to get involved. This is a great opportunity to find out more about our community and to meet others involved here.

First session meets at 7pm at 10 Tether Moon, Ladera Ranch | The following 3 sessions meet during the 10:30am service in the library at Los Alisos Intermediate.

The Burn

The Burn is an opportunity to talk intentionally and constructively about the “hot” issues in our world. In our next session, we’ll be talking about immigration and the sanctuary state. We will brainstorm how to engage and have conversations outside a partisan narrative and consider how we might do that as followers of Jesus first. No need to sign up; you can just show up!

Parenting Sexuality

This course is for parents in any stage of life. If you have an infant or a high school student, we want you to join us! Come and be equipped to create a culture of healthy sexuality in the home. We want to come alongside you as you shape your child’s biblical view of sexuality.

Mentor Panel

Have you ever wanted to go to coffee and sit with someone really wise who’s a little older and has a little more life experience, and just asked questions about life? That’s what the Mentor Panel is: seasoned, wise, and godly men and women ready to answer questions about anything you ask – career, how to follow Jesus, parenting, habits to build health, etc.

How We Love

Our early life experiences, for better or worse, teach us how to love. Stumbling over the same irksome “dance steps” in their relationships, people usually have no clue there’s another way – a better way. Come learn ways to better understand yourself and your spouse as you relate to each other in building a healthy marriage.

Prayer Training

Prayer training is a 4-week course built to equip people to pray. Every week has a teaching section (theology) and a practice section (actual praying). We learn how to participate in what God is already doing in other’s lives. We discuss and practice how to hear God’s voice and discern what he’s saying and asking us to do. We pray for each other while learning about intercession. We deepen our love for prayer as well as our courage to be bold in praying for others.

Orphan Care

Are you interested in learning more about Orphan Care in Orange County and beyond? Do you have questions about fostering or adopting children or how to play a role even if you don’t adopt? No matter what stage of exploration you are in, this will be a helpful and enriching class for you!


This is a two-week session to have a conversation about the basics (Essential beliefs) of Christianity that Rockharbor believes. We will discuss topics like Jesus, the Trinity, baptism, salvation, the Bible, and more.

The One

Come be a part of a brainstorm session and conversation about how to share the Gospel in every part of your life.

Living Life Backward

Looking to the book of Ecclesiastes for wisdom, Living Life Backward will shake up our expectations and priorities for what it means to live “the good life”. We will have three weeks of conversations about our limitations as human beings and how we can embrace life as a wondrous gift from God—freeing us to live wisely, generously, and faithfully for God’s glory and the good of his world.

Upcoming Kingdom Training Dates

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