Advent – Joy

December 15, 2019  — 

In the advent, we can now experience true Joy. The opposite of Joy is Misery. And when a new King comes, there’s a handful of positions that will result not in Joy, but in Misery. If you’re a King that refuses to receive the new King (Herod; Matthew 2). If you’re under a leader or King that refuses the new King (all Jerusalem, families of children 2 years and younger; Matthew 2:3, 16). Or if you’re unable to replace your expectations of a King with the blueprint that Jesus brings (John the Baptist; Matthew 11:2-11). If we’re able to truly make Jesus our King, then we will experience, and the world (others, nature, etc.) will experience, Joy beyond our wildest dreams (Isaiah 35:1-10).

Response: still working on this, but some possible directions are

  • Get off your throne. Lay down your crown. (if you insist on being King of your life)
  • Follow the true King. (if you’re following another)
  • Have a blueprint exchange. (if your expectations of Kingship differ, and they do, from Jesus’s Kingdom)
Scripture: Isaiah 35:1-10