Luke | Resurrection Reorientation

July 16, 2017  — 

The message was about finding the tomb empty. How Jesus used the women who stayed during His crucifixion – who knew beyond doubt that He was dead – and gave them the privilege of seeing the empty tomb because of their faith. Chad spoke about the Holy SpiritŠ—Ès role in recalling the words of Jesus, that always have a purpose and place in our life. We discussed Peter and his actions of running to the tomb, and also scriptures that show Jesus revealed Himself to Peter before appearing to all of the apostles – not only showing that Jesus cares deeply about meeting our needs and making things right with us individually, but that when He places a calling on someoneŠ—Ès life [for Peter, to be a leader], we are never disqualified from that calling.

Unfortunately, there was a technical difficulty and we were unable to retrieve the video. No video will be posted.

Scripture: Luke 24:1-12