Questions | Politics

July 24, 2016  — 

Should we vote? Should we be voting for a particular party? Should we only vote on the matters most important to us? Do youξvote by the Constitution or by the Bible?

Prayer Guide

  1. Please, God, give me great wisdom and great humility.
  2. How can I honor everyone involved in this issue?
  3. Does the Bible say anything specifically about this issue?
  4. Lord, is fear being used to persuade me? Is fear dictating my thoughts or words towards others?
  5. Lord, help me see the highest values for each side of the issue (use each side’s best arguments). Do these values align with Your priorities and values?
  6. What is my response? (i.e.: voting, advocating, money, volunteering, occupation…)


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Scripture: Mark 12:13-17