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  • Now Live: Waiting…

    Now Live: Waiting…

    June 2, 2019  — 

    Jesus has made it increasingly clear – He did not raise from the dead simply so they could enjoy His presence once again! This is part of a plan to save the world. He intends His disciples – us – to partner with Him by telling His story, testifying to the reality of Resurrection Life by the way we live and speak. He knows we need the same power by which He was raised from the dead – and so He instructs his disciples to wait until they are baptized into the Holy Spirit.

    Scripture: Acts 1:1-11
  • Money


    April 29, 2018  — 

    Brian challenged us to focus on having such a heavy Heavenly Kingdom Citizen accent that our ways of handling money will stand out and tell where we are from. Money can be dangerous, but it can also be a tool.

    Scripture: Acts 2:45, Acts 4:34-35, Acts 6:2-4, 1 Timothy 5:3-16, Acts 11:27-30, 1 Corinthians 16:1-3
  • Vision 2016 | Love Others

    Vision 2016 | Love Others

    September 18, 2016  — 

    Chad and Kendall share all the ways we love our neighbors, our cities, orphans, and our world. Visit the Love Others table on the patio to learn more! Our Neighbors: Look out for monthly challenges in the bulletin, starting in October. Our Cities: Los Alisos Tutoring, Meals on Wheels, Hands & Feet, GO Team Orphans: […]

    Scripture: Acts 1:8
  • Prayer & Posture

    Prayer & Posture

    August 21, 2016  — 

    Thaddeus explores different passages and examples of how worship and prayer have correlated with postures and physical expressions.

    Scripture: Acts 6:1-6 , Acts 1:14, 24; 2:42; 3:1; 4:23-31
  • The United Church

    The United Church

    June 15, 2015  — 

    Church is intended to be a family of believers. ξThe Apostles are an example of a group of people that should’ve hated each other, but because of their shared love for Christ, and being filled with the Holy Spirit, they were able to be family, and no one among them was ever in need. ξAll […]

    Scripture: Acts 2:44
  • The Devoted Church

    The Devoted Church

    June 1, 2015  — 

    The early Church devoted themselves to the community they were in as a result of the presence of God within them. ξAnd the same is true of us today.

    Scripture: Acts 2:42
  • Acts Spoken Word: Be Brave

    Acts Spoken Word: Be Brave

    September 4, 2013  — 

    Click here to read the lyrics: Be Brave Spoken Word

  • Three Trials

    Three Trials

    August 25, 2013  — 

    Paul once again is made to provide a defense for his actions in and surrounding Jerusalem. Although religious leaders and others are plotting against him and fighting to see him killed, he acts with confidence, knowing that the Lord will keep him safe. He boldly defends himself in front of each leader and shows that […]

    Scripture: Acts 23-26
  • Paul in Jerusalem

    Paul in Jerusalem

    August 18, 2013  — 

    Paul, now in Jerusalem, faces more intense suffering and persecution than ever. Despite this persecution, he never once backs down from sharing the Gospel and declaring the truth he knows will lead people to salvation.

    Scripture: Acts 21-23
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