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  • Mark: Wasteful Worship

    Mark: Wasteful Worship

    November 17, 2019  — 

    To worship something means, you are saying ‘You are worth more to me than ___ .” The woman who broke a jar of her best perfume over Jesus’ head, knows the full weight of that worship. Jesus acknowledges this woman and says forever will she be remembered for what she has done. What does your […]

    Scripture: Mark 14:1-11
  • Mark: The Look and The Choice

    Mark: The Look and The Choice

    October 27, 2019  — 

    “Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” These are strong words from Jesus to his disciples as he teaches them the value of a child’s heart. Children have a dependency that is necessary for followers of Jesus to learn from and […]

    Scripture: Mark 10:13-31
  • The Next Community

    The Next Community

    July 29, 2018  — 

    “Like arrowsξin the hands of a warrior ξξξξare children born in oneŠ—Ès youth.” Psalm 127:4 In the final week of our local community series, Renae shares about shaping our children to be sent out as arrows into the world. We should release all fear in this endeavor, and there is a part to play for […]

    Scripture: Psalm 127:4
  • Mid-Year State of the Campus

    Mid-Year State of the Campus

    April 8, 2018  — 

    Here are our mid-year updates on the various ministry focuses for the 2017/2018 ministry year, including an update on our search for a building, what’s going on with our children and youth, and how Kingdom Training has been shaping our community. Click here to hear the original State of the Campus for the 2017/2018 ministry […]

    Scripture: Ephesians 2:19-22
  • Guest Series | Orphan Care & Adoption

    Guest Series | Orphan Care & Adoption

    August 28, 2016  — 

    Tim and Wendy McMahan share the heart of the Father, andξtalk about their experiences with orphan care and adoption. They also talk about Safe Families, a partnership of ROCKharbor Mission Viejo. Safe Families provides a safe, temporary home for children while their parents cope with issues such asξillness, unemployment, addiction, domestic abuse, or incarceration. The […]

    Scripture: James 1:27