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  • Pastoral Care Forum on Emotional Health

    Pastoral Care Forum on Emotional Health

    April 17, 2020  — 

    The Rockharbor pastoral team is hosting a forum featuring therapists from the Center for Individual and Family Therapy to talk about our culture in this time of COVID-19 and the emotional responses we might be experiencing as a result. Join us to reflect personally on the effects of the virus, and on the hope and practical tools we have in the midst of the challenges we may face. Participate in the chat or fill out this form to raise any questions that may surface.
    RH pastor Kit Rae is featured, with CIFT therapists Rob Fisher, LMFT, Holly Morris, LMFT, and Kevin Van Lant, Clinical Psychologists

  • Revive Us Again

    Revive Us Again

    March 15, 2020  — 

    The faithfulness of God in the past, can revive our hope that God will continue to be faithful now, and in the future.

    Scripture: Psalm 85