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  • Worship as Lament

    Worship as Lament

    March 23, 2014  — 

    Lamenting – offering your grief, brokenness, pain, and sorrow to God – is a form of worship. You are presenting your authentic reality to God and asking Him to meet you. Through the story of Job, we learn what that looks like.

    Scripture: Job
  • Worship In Lament

    Worship In Lament

    February 23, 2014  — 

    Brian taught us what it looks like to worship God in our lament, and we looked to the story found in Job as encouragement. While Job experienced great loss, physical ailments and grief- never in his questioning or living lament before God did he sin. We asked the question, “How can we lament well?” and […]

    Scripture: Job 19
  • WORTHY | Music and More

    WORTHY | Music and More

    January 20, 2014  — 

    Our third week in the WORTHY series focused on music and how our souls engage through the gift of singing songs to our God.

    Scripture: Psalm 96