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  • God Is Here: The Bible

    God Is Here: The Bible

    October 21, 2018  — 

    “The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul.”
    God’s Word shows His nature through different genres, displaying His patience, His love, His kindness through the various stories, songs, and histories. It is worthy of our time.

    Scripture: Psalm 19
  • Psalm 103: What Keeps Me Quiet?

    Psalm 103: What Keeps Me Quiet?

    August 20, 2017  — 

    There are all sorts of things in our life that would keep us from experiencing the joy and satisfaction of full-hearted worship; sin, shame, shadows,. In Psalm, David, a man who had experience with each of these things, deals with them by reminding himself about the character of God. He uses a proper understanding of […]

    Scripture: Psalm 103
  • Let There Be Joy

    Let There Be Joy

    December 15, 2014  — 

    Joy is the primary identifier and sustainer of the Christian life. ξThe world knows we’ve been with Jesus by the joy we express. ξJoy comes from being in the presence of the good King, God. Our Heavenly King is eternal, universal, good, and loving. SERMON OVERVIEW

    Scripture: Psalm 72: 17-19