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  • Justice // Poverty

    Justice // Poverty

    January 21, 2018  — 

    This week we delve into the issue of justice and righteousness as it pertains to poverty. GodŠ—Ès desire for the poor seems to be clear, so why does poverty still exist? What are we to do?

    Scripture: Exodus 22, Luke 4, Luke 9, Luke 10
  • Justice


    January 14, 2018  — 

    Why do we all agree it is wrong to treat other people like animals treat other animals? It has to do with justice. It’s vital for us as citizens of the Kingdom of God to know what justice is and why we should do it.

    Scripture: Leviticus 24:22, Deuteronomy 18:3, Isaiah 33:15, Zechariah 7:9-10, Job 29:12-17, Matthew 25:34-40