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  • The Book of John: The Set Apart Life

    The Book of John: The Set Apart Life

    March 31, 2019  — 

    In Jesus’ last big prayer before his arrest, He prays for himself, for his 12 disciples, and for all future disciples. He prays for his disciples to be set apart and holy. To live in the world but not to be of the world and to live holy lives. Then Jesus prays for the future of His Church to be unified in Him so that the world would see His Church, and believe.

    Scripture: John 17:1-26
  • John 2: The Holy Temple

    John 2: The Holy Temple

    January 13, 2019  — 

    The temple was the representation of God’s presence among His people. It was meant to be holy, set apart. In Jesus’ reaction to the people selling goods and changing money, we learn just how important that is to Him, and should be to us.

    Scripture: John 2:13-25