Tags: The Story of God

  • The Presence

    The Presence

    January 8, 2012  — 

    God has come down to Earth to meet with His creation. He walked with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. He was present in the tabernacle and the temple. He came to Earth in human form as Jesus, and he continues to walk with us now through His Holy Spirit.

    Scripture: Exodus 33
  • A Different Spirit

    A Different Spirit

    January 1, 2012  — 

    As we stare at the precipice of a new year things can go one of two ways, much like as Israel stared at the Jordan, into God’s promised land.

    Scripture: Numbers 13
  • The Substitute

    The Substitute

    December 11, 2011  — 

    Some of us don’t understand the value of sacrifice in the old testament, but it is about atonement. The old testament idea of sacrifice mirrors the sacrifice of Jesus.

    Scripture: Exodus 34: 6-7
  • The Call

    The Call

    November 21, 2011  — 

    Starting with Abram, God places a call on His peopleŠ—Ès lives to believe in, trust, and follow Him.

    Scripture: Genesis 12