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  • How Long O Lord?

    How Long O Lord?

    February 23, 2020  — 

    Psalm 13 uses “How long…” repeatedly, it’s a messy wrestle with God that is deeply human. Ultimately the Psalmist resigns to trusting God because he is the source of hope. This does not deny circumstances or pain, it reframes it and gives permission to express it freely to God, while clinging onto hope.

    Scripture: Psalm 13, John 16:32, 1 Peter 4:12-13, Philippians 1:29, Psalm 34:17-18, Matthew 28:20, John 5:17
  • Can we hear from God?

    Can we hear from God?

    August 4, 2019  — 

    Does God speak? How do we hear from Him? Why can’t I hear from Him? If you’ve asked any of these questions before, you are not alone. This week we bring the Christian perspective on if God is speaking and give some practical ways for you to hear His voice. Message : starts at 8:22 […]

    Scripture: Romans 1:20, Ephesians 2:8-10
  • Now Live: Waiting…

    Now Live: Waiting…

    June 2, 2019  — 

    Jesus has made it increasingly clear – He did not raise from the dead simply so they could enjoy His presence once again! This is part of a plan to save the world. He intends His disciples – us – to partner with Him by telling His story, testifying to the reality of Resurrection Life by the way we live and speak. He knows we need the same power by which He was raised from the dead – and so He instructs his disciples to wait until they are baptized into the Holy Spirit.

    Scripture: Acts 1:1-11