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  • Now Live: The Church Jesus Trusts; Bears Witness

    Now Live: The Church Jesus Trusts; Bears Witness

    June 16, 2019  — 

    This Second Sunday of Pentecost provides the opportunity to reflect on how Jesus builds His church.  Looking at Peter’s sermon on the Day of Pentecost, it quickly became clear – the foundational reality of the church is that it makes a clear declaration in word and practice that Jesus is Lord!

    Scripture: Acts 2:14-47
  • Now Live: Waiting…

    Now Live: Waiting…

    June 2, 2019  — 

    Jesus has made it increasingly clear – He did not raise from the dead simply so they could enjoy His presence once again! This is part of a plan to save the world. He intends His disciples – us – to partner with Him by telling His story, testifying to the reality of Resurrection Life by the way we live and speak. He knows we need the same power by which He was raised from the dead – and so He instructs his disciples to wait until they are baptized into the Holy Spirit.

    Scripture: Acts 1:1-11
  • The Book of John: Who Do You See?

    The Book of John: Who Do You See?

    February 17, 2019  — 

    As Jesus continues on his deliberate way to the Cross, he uses this sign to further challenge the ways people see – what a “sign” means depends on where you stand when you view it. The image of blindness and sight brings the stark differences to sharp focus. So the key question forming in this sermon is this – “Who do You See?”

    Scripture: John 9