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  • Worship | The Work of Worship

    Worship | The Work of Worship

    December 3, 2017  — 

    The Psalms give us permission to bring every emotion to God, and we are called to worship him through our actions whether we feel like it or not. Because God loved us first, everything we do is in response to that.

    Scripture: Numbers 9:15-23, Romans 12:1-2, Psalm 42:1-7, Psalm 63, Psalm 22,ξHebrews 12:2-3
  • General God

    General God

    October 13, 2014  — 

    Jesus wants us to be in relationship with him. ξService for Jesus is not sustainable without being with Jesus. ξAll the work we do for the Kingdom of God, does not impress God. ξBut when we are with Him, the love we are filled with will overflow into service. ξBeing with Jesus, and doing work […]

    Scripture: Luke 15:11-32, Genesis 1:26, Genesis 3:17-19
  • More in Work

    More in Work

    June 24, 2012  — 

    We are told that 8 or 9 hours of our days should be dedicated to work. That’s over half of our waking hours. 40-70% of people are dissatisfied with their work. God has invited us into work, into a Godly office, to be empowered through His strength. The purpose of our work should be to draw out fruit and to call forth good.

    Scripture: Phillipians 4:11, Psalm 127, Colossians 3:23