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  • Worship | The Work of Worship

    Worship | The Work of Worship

    December 3, 2017  — 

    The Psalms give us permission to bring every emotion to God, and we are called to worship him through our actions whether we feel like it or not. Because God loved us first, everything we do is in response to that.

    Scripture: Numbers 9:15-23, Romans 12:1-2, Psalm 42:1-7, Psalm 63, Psalm 22,ξHebrews 12:2-3
  • Worship | Face Down

    Worship | Face Down

    November 26, 2017  — 

    This week begins a 4-week series on Worship as Citizens. What does it mean to be so in awe of God that your only reaction is to lie face down before him in worship? How does it feel to be in the presence of God?

    Scripture: Exodus 19:16, Exodus 33:12-17, Nehemiah 8:5-6, Isaiah 6:1-8
  • Citizens: God-Centered Worship

    Citizens: God-Centered Worship

    November 26, 2017  — 

    Because worship is the work of heaven, it is the true vocation of every Kingdom Citizen. In order for us to live out our calling as the people of God, we must know God, and in worship, we recognize God and in so doing align ourselves to Him and His Kingdom.

    Scripture: Romans 12:1-2, Colossians 1:15-20, Colossians 3:1-4
  • Luke | The Good News

    Luke | The Good News

    February 5, 2017  — 

    There is good news because there is also bad news.ξJesus is the good news, and the woman in this passage truly, desperately understands that, as she falls apart in worship of Jesus Christ.

    Scripture: Luke 7:36-8:4
  • Worship: Remembering God

    Worship: Remembering God

    September 4, 2016  — 

    Jonathan wrapped up our Elements of Worship series – As forgetful human beings, we discover God’s thoughtful systems of celebration setup throughout the church to help us remember HIM.

    Scripture: Romans 6:1-7
  • Praise Strengthens Your Joy

    Praise Strengthens Your Joy

    August 28, 2016  — 

    Our guest pastor Adei Batsuli delivers a powerful message of how worship and praise to God spurs great personal joy.

    Scripture: Psalm 149:1-9
  • Centered Worship

    Centered Worship

    August 14, 2016  — 

    Today we just kicked off our series of Elements of Worship. Together we discovered what exactly the Bible says about worship; and by centering ourselves around God, we can experience HIM in many more ways.

    Scripture: Numbers 9:18-23
  • Guest Series | Families

    Guest Series | Families

    August 7, 2016  — 

    Guest speaker Michael Ketterer (worship leader, member of United Pursuit) spoke on family in the Kingdom. Unfortunately, the sound was not recorded, and so there will be no video posted.

  • The Dividing Wall

    The Dividing Wall

    April 24, 2016  — 

    Paul talks about the controversial peace that Jesus made by bringing the Gentiles near to God. But not only near, but Jesus has broken down the dividing wall in the temple and in his people that kept us all from being one and worshiping together. Jesus is making a new humanity.

    Scripture: Ephesians 2:11-22
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