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  • Worship In Lament

    Worship In Lament

    February 23, 2014  — 

    Brian taught us what it looks like to worship God in our lament, and we looked to the story found in Job as encouragement. While Job experienced great loss, physical ailments and grief- never in his questioning or living lament before God did he sin. We asked the question, “How can we lament well?” and […]

    Scripture: Job 19
  • Worship as Warfare

    Worship as Warfare

    February 23, 2014  — 

    As we continue our series in worship, we look at how God’s people worshipped in the midst of a great battle. He heard their cry and fought on behalf of them.

    Scripture: 2 Chronicles 20:1-30
  • WORTHY :: A New Song For The Nations

    WORTHY :: A New Song For The Nations

    February 16, 2014  — 

    Brian led us in a time of reading and responding to Psalm 96, and how we can “sing a new song” every time we get a new revelation of God. We will always have something new to worship Him for. What is our right now, God moment? What stories tell of Him?

    Scripture: Psalm 96
  • A New Song For The Nations

    A New Song For The Nations

    February 16, 2014  — 

    Worship was not meant for us to keep for ourselves, but to use as a witness to those outside the church. Through worship, we are declaring that God is powerful over our lives and the best way we can respond to Him is by praising His name!

    Scripture: Psalm 96
  • Fall Face Down

    Fall Face Down

    February 10, 2014  — 

    This week’s message took us into the encounter Isaiah has in Isaiah 6:1-8. We heard first hand stories and remembered that our most HOLY God still speaks to us in powerful ways today. And that because of Jesus, we can be in the holy places with our God.

    Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-8
  • Worthy – Week 6

    Worthy – Week 6

    February 9, 2014  — 

    Continuing on in our worship series, we look at what worship means on a personal level.

    Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-8
  • WORTHY :: Bless The Lord, Oh My Soul!

    WORTHY :: Bless The Lord, Oh My Soul!

    February 2, 2014  — 

    In our previous weeks, our series has looked at “What is worship?” This message looks at “Why do we worship?” and that discussion took us deep into Psalm 100.

    Scripture: Psalm 100
  • Worthy – Week 5

    Worthy – Week 5

    February 2, 2014  — 

    Why do we worship? Psalm 100 gives us a practical outline of why we worship God, and how we can celebrate all that He has done.

    Scripture: Psalm 100
  • WORTHY :: A Life of Worship

    WORTHY :: A Life of Worship

    January 26, 2014  — 

    This message encouraged us to see that God’s Word can stand on it’s own. We sat and listened to Acts 1-12:2, receiving all of the preceeding chapters first to better understand the great call to a life of worship in Romans 12:1-2.

    Scripture: Romans 12:1-2
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