God’s heart for the oppressed and the vulnerable is on display throughout Scripture, and perfectly embodied in Jesus’ life while on Earth. Our call as Jesus’ church includes carrying out God’s heart for Justice which provides hope for the oppressed, a voice for the marginalized and dignity for all people. His Justice stands against racism, oppression and any dehumanizing word or action. We, Rockharbor, seek to listen, learn and respond to our brothers and sisters of all races and ethnicities as well as the Holy Spirit’s leading to pursue justice and advance the Kingdom of God. Our calling is steadfast, and with resolute hearts, we are committed to the task.

The internet and social media channels are jammed with podcasts, books, live streams, etc. on how to respond to the injustices of oppression, racism and violence. However, we must find our path forward using Jesus as our standard. We have a King and a Kingdom; our allegiance must be to Jesus and Jesus alone if we expect to live and lead well through these turbulent times.  

This page provides resources, opportunities for learning and encouragements to be Jesus’ ambassadors in our conversations, our postings and our actions. The resources below are meant to begin and/or continue shaping our hearts into God’s heart. We will be regularly updating this page to further our learning and continue the invitation to: Drop everything to follow Jesus – become more like Jesus – and do what Jesus does.


Watch: Our Response to Racism and Injustice

Some Encouragements to Begin

Block out a window of time (a small amount and preferably after noon) to catch up on news and social media.

Once a week read and/or listen to something that challenges your assumptions/narrative/opinion – and not for the sake of poking holes, but actually engaging to understand. Remember, we serve a church with a wide array of beliefs and opinions; do the work to get to know the people in our care.

Read and/or listen to something that inspires you. Something bigger than just information – but something that leads to transformation.

Do something. Christ’s love compels us to action! We GET to be Jesus’ hands and feet – get out there and get after it! There are no small steps of obedience.