As you’ve likely heard by now, southern California has suffered a series of devastating wildfires in recent months. The Woolsey and Camp Fires have been especially disastrous, irreparably affecting many families and communities. We are heartbroken by the damage these fires have caused to people’s lives and to the environment. In light of this tragedy, we are responding through prayer and donations.

The Situation

As of mid-November, the Camp Fire has burned 140,000 acres and is only 40% contained. The Woolsey fire has burned 98,362 acres and is only 57% contained. Many lives lost have been lost in these fires, and nearly 150,000 people have been displaced. Many people have lost homes and are now in shelters trying to figure out how to restart their lives. Nearly 8,000 fire crews have been deployed to fight the fires, risking their lives in many instances. 

Our Response


We pray for provision and peace for those who have been displaced, lost their homes, and are still searching for loved ones.

We pray for rain to help stop the fires in their tracks.

We pray for emotional, spiritual, and relational healing as those affected begin to rebuild their lives.


We’ve donated $10,000 to Vintage Church’s benevolence fund. This fund will provide food, short-term lodging, and other emergency aid for those affected as they navigate these difficult months.

This donation was made possible through Frist Fruits and is the result of your regular giving to Rockharbor.

Want to do more? 

Samaritan’s Purse is organizing volunteers to help provide support on the ground. If you’d like to get more involved in the relief effort by volunteering, click the link below.