Rockharbor Youth exists to see every generation establishing as emotionally and spiritually healthy communities living out the life and authority of Jesus. We want to see a move of God in our Youth that raises up a generation that’s secure and confident in their identity with Jesus and what he calls them to do. These are the current, and future leaders of the church, their families, their friends, world markets, businesses, justice, and communities.

We live as a Youth that pursue God’s presence over his gifts. In his presence we follow his ways, become more like him, and do the things that he does. This leads us to a transformed life personally, a transformed Youth community, and naturally a transformed world missionally as we live out the love and boldness of Jesus in our spheres.


Youth Services


Each week our students gather together in community to have fun, build relationships, and lean into the Holy Spirit. We are currently gathering outside of a home. Please wear a mask and feel free to bring your own chair.

Thursdays | 7:00pm-8:30pm 
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