In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are coming together Spiritually and Physically.

Prayer & Crisis Care

Perhaps you’re in need of prayer for this pandemic or any other reason.

We’d like to pray for you!

Please sign up by filling out this form if you need prayer.

Some of you are prayer warriors. Or maybe you don’t consider yourself one but would like to pray for those in need. If so, sign up here to join our prayer team.

This social distancing, quarantine, and stay-at-home orders have perhaps brought up a need that you have. If there’s any way the church can come alongside you in this season, please let us know. Others of you have been directly affected and are in the midst of a crisis.

No need is too small. Please fill out this form if you’re in need of care.

Similarly to the Prayer Team, many of you would like to be on the front lines, helping those who are in crisis or general need. If you’d like to help and be a part of the Crisis Care Team, sign up here.

How you can Help

Common Heart

Common Heart, a grassroots movement in Union County NC, started in July 2006 with the simple desire of four friends to bridge the gap between our faith and concrete practical demonstrations of God’s love.

This rag tag group grew behind the scenes and was hidden for years. Many new friends joined in and we just served, loved and grew.

A simple desire caught on. As Common Heart shared with folks, they had a crazy thought: maybe it is just as simple as loving God and loving people. It is growing into a small revolution of kindness loving our neighbors and serving those in need.

What began in 2006 as four friends, is now more than 350 friends serving hungry families each and every month! In 2017, during their 12th year, they delivered a week’s worth of groceries to 3,787 families through our traditional pantries and served another 1,023 families through our mobile pantries. That’s more than 16,078 people! As the small revolution matures it is becoming increasingly about empowering folks to move out of poverty.

It really takes a community. And they are grateful for our community of volunteers, donors, friends, supporters, businesses, and agencies.

Common Heart is always in need of food staples and people to volunteer in their facilities.

Union County Community Shelter

The Community Shelter of Union County began in 1985 and currently accommodates men and women onsite and families with children through our motel program. They provide three nutritious meals a day, 365 days a year through their onsite soup kitchen. Last year, Union County Community Shelter served almost 55,000 meals onsite.

They are in need of volunteers to help make meals and others to help hand them in their ‘drive through’ line for the homeless community of Union County.

Facebook Live @8pm (EST)

We are Live on Facebook every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday night at 8pm. Whether it’s worship, prayer, a bible study, or a mixture of all three, this is a time not to be missed.

To join in, go to our Facebook Page, like the page, and hop on at 8pm (EST) to join when we go live.

One of the key ways you can partner in the work of the church in this season is through sharing. So many people have hopped on our Facebook Live not because they’re looking for prayer, but because they know you. So when you hop in, share it on your page, encourage your friends and neighbors to get prayer!

Prayer Resources

Perhaps you’re new to prayer, just getting your feet wet. Or you’re experienced but would like to learn more about prayer. Here’s a few resources I’ve found helpful throughout my time as a follower of Jesus and Prayer.