As our 21 Day Fast draws to a close, we’re calling our whole church to join together in worship, prayer, and celebration.


We will be hosting three corporate gatherings with extended worship, teaching, guided practice, and creative expressions of prayer and ministry. These gatherings will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in The Centre at 345 Fischer Ave. from 7-9 PM.

Tuesday | Listen | We will be exploring how God speaks to us through Scripture, visions, words, pictures, and other people. Come expectant that God is going to speak to you and use you to speak to others.

Wednesday | Encounter | We’ll be kicking off the night with extended worship led by One Voice followed by exploring the theme of how we can encounter God. Come ready to encounter God through worship and prayer!

Thursday | Cry Out | Never before has it been more urgent to come together as a community to pray for our Church, Orange County, and the World. Bill Dogterom will be teaching on intercessory prayer and we will have an extended time of worship and crying out to God.

We’ll also have 24/7 prayer sign-ups Tuesday through Thursday. As a community, we want to engage in 72 continuous hours of prayer, crying out to God on behalf of the Church and our world. Sign up today!


24/7 Prayer


Kids are welcome at every gathering, but childcare (birth-kindergarten) will only be available on Wednesday. Sign up for Childcare.