Life Groups are now Online!

Because we are still called to navigate life with one another even through difficulties we have transitioned all our Life Groups to online platforms as new way to continue to grow deeper into community and develop new community through the this COVID-19 Virus season.

Join an Online Life Group

Looking to join a group? Click the link below to view all current online groups. Find a group that works for your schedule, click on it, and a leader will contact you to get you plugged in.

Lead an Online Life Group

Interested in leading a Life Group? When you click the form below, select the option to Lead a new Group! We’d love to launch numerous new groups as we continue to navigate being the Church online.

Facebook Live Prayer

As part of our 24/7 Prayer initiative, we are hosting a Facebook Live gathering each evening at 8pm. The time to pray together at the end of our days has been formative and powerful for many. To be a part, just go to and click ‘Like’. We’ll post the live feed around 7:50 each evening and begin at 8pm sharp!

If you have a prayer need, COVID-19 related or not, please let us know. We’d like to pray for you!

Sunday Service ... Live!

It’s funny how this pandemic has forced the church out of the building! The church was never supposed to be about a building, but about a people. The Bible refers to the church using the word ekklesia – which would literally mean ‘called out ones.’ Called out into our homes, into our neighborhoods, into our workplaces… now, into our online communities.

Because of this virus, the church has been reaching more people than ever before. People like you that are inviting your social connections to join in prayer, or watch a service, or join an online group. It’s unbelievable how the church is shifting cultures. A culture of gathering in person to a culture of gathering, period.

In light of that, one of the key ways you can play a part of the mission of the church in this quarantine-season, is through sharing. When you log on Sunday morning, or each evening for prayer, share the live feed on your pages. Start a watch party on your facebook page. Encourage and comment and engage people that are there.

While it’s beyond my pay grade to declare affirmatively whether this is God’s direct wrath on our sin (though we’re aware there’s plenty to warrant it), or just a byproduct of the fallen nature of the world, scripture reminds us, and I am convinced, that God is working all things for good for those who love Him. Men and women – may we see how God is working for good – for you, for your neighborhoods, for your church, and for the ‘ones’ who are far from Christ and close to you!

Join in with us LIVE on Facebook at 10am each Sunday. Many of us will be there to welcome you! We look forward to worshiping with you, online, this weekend!