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Third Space


A third space is a chosen place other than home or church where you will intentionally show God’s love to others.

  • We are busy and don’t do a great job of intentionally listening to God about those around us throughout the day.
  • Being focused and intentional in ONE space will help us to develop habits to carry to EVERY space we go. Again, the goal is to use our third space to train to have Jesus’ eyes and heart in every moment of every day.


Pray. Ask God where your third space is.

  • This could be anywhere! A coffee shop, sports team, school, workplace…
  • This is likely a place you already go all the time. The goal isn’t to add a new thing to your “to do” list, but to transform it.

Choose. Commit to frequent this place on a regular basis.

  • If you select a place you already frequent (like your workplace), the commitment will help you have new eyes toward the space and people on Monday!

Engage. While you’re there listen to God and intentionally show his love to others.

  • When you arrive, ask the Holy Spirit to lead you and show you what he is doing.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit if there is anyone he wants to highlight.
  • If he does, ask him what he would like you to do!