Series: Acts

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  • Acts Spoken Word: Be Brave

    Acts Spoken Word: Be Brave

    September 4, 2013  — 

    Click here to read the lyrics: Be Brave Spoken Word

  • The End

    The End

    September 1, 2013  — 

    We reach the end of the 9-month long journey we’ve taken through the book of Acts. In this final message we see Paul – a man who has undergone significant transformation – under house arrest in Rome. The fact that he is contained and unable toξphysicallyξgoξdoes not stop him. In the midst of this situation, […]

    Scripture: Acts 27-28
  • Three Trials

    Three Trials

    August 25, 2013  — 

    Paul once again is made to provide a defense for his actions in and surrounding Jerusalem. Although religious leaders and others are plotting against him and fighting to see him killed, he acts with confidence, knowing that the Lord will keep him safe. He boldly defends himself in front of each leader and shows that […]

    Scripture: Acts 23-26
  • Paul in Jerusalem

    Paul in Jerusalem

    August 18, 2013  — 

    Paul, now in Jerusalem, faces more intense suffering and persecution than ever. Despite this persecution, he never once backs down from sharing the Gospel and declaring the truth he knows will lead people to salvation.

    Scripture: Acts 21-23
  • To Jerusalem

    To Jerusalem

    August 11, 2013  — 

    After leaving the church in Ephesus, Paul heads to Jerusalem. Despite warnings that he would encounter trials and persecution in Jerusalem, he continues to share the Gospel. This is an important example for us of what sharing the Gospel without reservation looks like. There were risks, but Paul knew that there was nothing more important […]

    Scripture: Acts 21:1-15
  • Goodbye to the Ephesians

    Goodbye to the Ephesians

    August 4, 2013  — 

    Paul offers his final thoughts to the church in Ephesus. He encourages them to fight for the Church and share the Gospel as much as possible. Using his own life as an example, he paints a picture of what it looks like to truly sacrifice for the Church.

    Scripture: Acts 20:13-38
  • Riot in Ephesus

    Riot in Ephesus

    July 28, 2013  — 

    As Paul continues to preach the gospel in Ephesus, a city known for worshipping the goddess Artemis, tensions arise and cause trouble for the followers of Christ in that region.

    Scripture: Acts 19:23-41
  • The Sons of Sceva

    The Sons of Sceva

    July 21, 2013  — 

    Paul has anξencounterξwith the Sons of Sceva, a group of Jewishξexorcistsξwho exploited the names of Jesus and Paul to cast out a demon. The demon recognized the name of Jesus (which is to be expected), but alo recognized the name of Paul as well. Through this story we are reminded that the spiritual world is […]

    Scripture: Acts 19:11-20
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