Series: Eternity Now

  • Truth and Power

    Truth and Power

    May 31, 2020  — 

    The Power of God enables us to do the things He’s asked of us and empowers us to be His witnesses.

  • The Mission of all Christians

    The Mission of all Christians

    May 24, 2020  — 

    Jesus issues what has become known as the Great Commission. We walk through a well-known text with some surprising pieces that will surely change how you see your life as a follower of Jesus.

  • The Art of Self Emptying

    The Art of Self Emptying

    May 17, 2020  — 

    Resurrection life has a starting point, it’s dying to self. The more we cling to ourselves, the less we experience resurrection life.

  • Looking Up At The Sky

    Looking Up At The Sky

    May 10, 2020  — 

    What we do with our life now matters, we cannot wait until we get to heaven to build the Kingdom.
    We have the ability to partner in God’s restorative plan here and now, so there is work to be done.

  • Arise With Christ

    Arise With Christ

    May 3, 2020  — 

    In light of the resurrection, we can be heavenly here and now. It’s not something that we wait for when we die and go to heaven, it begins now.

  • The Absurdity of the Resurrection

    The Absurdity of the Resurrection

    April 26, 2020  — 

    Paul works through a strong apologetic for the resurrection by unpacking what would be true if the resurrection wasn’t true. He also points to Adam and Jesus, as the way death came through one man and life came through one man. It is quite absurd that we’d all be ‘punished’ for one man’s sin, but there’s something else that’s true for us that’s also absurd!

  • Resurrection Now

    Resurrection Now

    April 19, 2020  — 

    Often the resurrection of Jesus can seem like a myth or folklore. So we discuss how you can believe it verifiably and for those who do believe, what it means for your life some day and every day.

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