Series: Luke: Rediscover Jesus

  • Blessings and Woes

    Blessings and Woes

    November 20, 2016  — 

    Jesus unpacks what life is like in His Kingdom. His contrast of life in the Old Kingdom and the New Kingdom is startling. Thaddeus unpacks how this 2,000 year old sermon impacts us today.

    Scripture: Luke 6:12-26
  • Lord of the Sabbath: the divine, reckless love of Jesus

    Lord of the Sabbath: the divine, reckless love of Jesus

    November 13, 2016  — 

    We rediscover the significance of Sabbath, and why God purposefully established it.

    Scripture: Luke 6:1-11
  • Feasting or Fasting

    Feasting or Fasting

    November 6, 2016  — 

    In this passage of Luke, Jesus highlights the paradigm shift that must take place in those who follow Him. You must be willing to break the Fast in order to participate in the Feast.

    Scripture: Luke 5:27-39
  • Power to Heal

    Power to Heal

    October 30, 2016  — 

    We look at Jesus’s shocking use of authority and the good news he offers to heal our hearts and bodies.

    Scripture: Luke 4:31-41
  • The Outsiders Are In

    The Outsiders Are In

    October 23, 2016  — 

    Jesus came to demonstrate that God was now extending grace not only to the nation of Israel, but to everyone, particularly those previously seen as Š—…outsidersŠ—È to the religious leaders of the 1st century.

    Scripture: Luke 4:14-30
  • Identity Redeems Vocation

    Identity Redeems Vocation

    October 16, 2016  — 

    In the series of Luke, Thaddeus talks through how our job does not dictate our Identity in God; rather, our Identity in God reinforces our vocation.

    Scripture: Luke 3:1-22
  • Discovering Who I Am

    Discovering Who I Am

    October 9, 2016  — 

    Everyone is called to discover God, but often our perspective determines our discovery. Before the Gospel of Luke takes us on a journey to discover God, it first prepares us for the journey by challenging us to discover our perspective.

    Scripture: Luke 1:1-4
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