Series: Luke: The Advent of Jesus

  • Love, true loveŠ—_

    Love, true loveŠ—_

    December 18, 2016  — 

    In the first Christmas, God reveals his love to whoever, with joy, and in dwelling.

    Scripture: Luke 2:22-39
  • Joy, Advent

    Joy, Advent

    December 11, 2016  — 

    What we think of as Š—…joyŠ—È comes in all shapes and sizes, but eternal, fulfilling, true joy is both found in and comes from the eternal God.

    Scripture: Luke 2:1-21
  • Peace of the Family

    Peace of the Family

    December 4, 2016  — 

    ξ When we look closely at Mary’s song and Zechariah’s prophecy, we see where their peace comes from, and we see that our peace comes from the same place: God’s promises, actions, and love for his people. And that’s us.

    Scripture: Luke 1:79-80
  • Barren Places

    Barren Places

    November 27, 2016  — 

    We all have areas in our lives that are unfruitful. This week we learn how our hope usually derives from our barren places and fulfillment can only come from the God we serve.

    Scripture: Luke 6:38
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