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  • The Triumphal Entry

    The Triumphal Entry

    April 13, 2014  — 

    In our last message from the Worthy worship series, we look at the connection between the story we find ourselves in today and the story that has been in process from the creation of the world – God’s story of love and redemption for His people.

  • Worship in Community

    Worship in Community

    April 6, 2014  — 

    As we continues in our series on worship, we learn what it looks like to worship in community.

    Scripture: Psalm 34
  • To Obey is Better Than to Sacrifice

    To Obey is Better Than to Sacrifice

    March 30, 2014  — 

    As we continue in the Worthy series, we look at what it means to worship not only with a heart of sacrifice, but also with a heart of true obedience.

    Scripture: 1 Samuel 15:1-34
  • Worship as Lament

    Worship as Lament

    March 23, 2014  — 

    Lamenting – offering your grief, brokenness, pain, and sorrow to God – is a form of worship. You are presenting your authentic reality to God and asking Him to meet you. Through the story of Job, we learn what that looks like.

    Scripture: Job
  • How We Worship: In Faith

    How We Worship: In Faith

    March 16, 2014  — 

    This week we continue in our worship series by learning how to worship in faith.

    Scripture: Daniel 3
  • Postures of Worship

    Postures of Worship

    March 9, 2014  — 

    For this week’s message, we take a look the different postures of worship that are noted in Psalm 95. These are an example for us as we worship today. *the message is broken up into sections because we took time to practice the postures that were taught.ξ

    Scripture: Psalm 95
  • In Spirit & In Truth

    In Spirit & In Truth

    March 3, 2014  — 

    We are called to worship God in spirt and in truth.

    Scripture: John 4:1-26
  • Worship as Warfare

    Worship as Warfare

    February 23, 2014  — 

    As we continue our series in worship, we look at how God’s people worshipped in the midst of a great battle. He heard their cry and fought on behalf of them.

    Scripture: 2 Chronicles 20:1-30
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