Campus: Costa Mesa

  • The Art of Self Emptying

    The Art of Self Emptying

    May 17, 2020  — 

    Resurrection life has a starting point, it’s dying to self. The more we cling to ourselves, the less we experience resurrection life.

  • Looking Up At The Sky

    Looking Up At The Sky

    May 10, 2020  — 

    What we do with our life now matters, we cannot wait until we get to heaven to build the Kingdom.
    We have the ability to partner in God’s restorative plan here and now, so there is work to be done.

  • Arise With Christ

    Arise With Christ

    May 3, 2020  — 

    In light of the resurrection, we can be heavenly here and now. It’s not something that we wait for when we die and go to heaven, it begins now.

  • First Importance

    First Importance

    April 26, 2020  — 

    If the resurrection of Jesus really happened, then His grace is enough. His lordship is real, and our lives will never be the same.

  • The New Normal

    The New Normal

    April 19, 2020  — 

    Once we accept the resurrection of Jesus, there’s no going back to our old way of life.

  • Pastoral Care Forum on Emotional Health

    Pastoral Care Forum on Emotional Health

    April 17, 2020  — 

    The Rockharbor pastoral team is hosting a forum featuring therapists from the Center for Individual and Family Therapy to talk about our culture in this time of COVID-19 and the emotional responses we might be experiencing as a result. Join us to reflect personally on the effects of the virus, and on the hope and practical tools we have in the midst of the challenges we may face. Participate in the chat or fill out this form to raise any questions that may surface.
    RH pastor Kit Rae is featured, with CIFT therapists Rob Fisher, LMFT, Holly Morris, LMFT, and Kevin Van Lant, Clinical Psychologists

  • Easter 2020 with Rockharbor: Carry the Echo

    Easter 2020 with Rockharbor: Carry the Echo

    April 12, 2020  — 

    Join us on as we celebrate Easter! We will be creatively sharing a story that has inspired and changed countless lives across generations for thousands of years. This was made possible by those who heard, lived, and retold their encounter with Jesus. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to join the story and carry the echo

  • Dare To Hope

    Dare To Hope

    April 5, 2020  — 

    Hope changes our perspective. In adversity there is an opportunity that is driven by hope, an opportunity to replace what we used to trust in with a hope in God.

    Scripture: Lamentations 3:21-31
  • The Suffering of Sin and the Hope of Jesus

    The Suffering of Sin and the Hope of Jesus

    March 29, 2020  — 

    At the core of the human condition is the problem of sin. We express sorrow over sin, and we rejoice because Jesus has defeated sin and set us free.

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