Teacher: Erik von Husen

  • Hope in the Past, Revival and Salvation of God

    Hope in the Past, Revival and Salvation of God

    March 15, 2020  — 

    Erik show us in Psalm 85 that we can have hope in a spiritually deprived time through our past because God’s mercy, hope through revival because of God’s reviving power, and hope through salvation because of God’s blessings.

  • Peace


    December 1, 2019  — 

    Erik shared from Isaiah 2:1-5. In order to find true peace, you should not wait until the 2nd coming of Jesus or get suck into this world’s chaos. The way to peace is through Jesus.

    Scripture: Isaiah 2:1-5
  • Storytelling Weekend

    Storytelling Weekend

    November 24, 2019  — 
  • Pentecost: Formation of Community
  • Jesus & Pilate / Jesus’ Sentencing

    Jesus & Pilate / Jesus’ Sentencing

    April 14, 2019  — 
    Scripture: John 18:28 - 19:16
  • The Royal Official’s Son

    The Royal Official’s Son

    December 16, 2018  — 

    This week Erik shares on the second miracle Jesus performed, the healing of the Royal officials son. Jesus should be our hearts focus, not just the benefits.

    Scripture: John 4
  • God is Here! Week One

    God is Here! Week One

    October 14, 2018  — 

    This week we begin our new series: God is Here. Erik reminds us that Gods presence is always close.

    Scripture: Jeremiah 23: 23-24
  • The Blessing of Jacob

    The Blessing of Jacob

    August 12, 2018  — 

    This week; Erik walks us through the story of Jacob and how mercy offers the blessing because of God’s love! He shared on the life of Jacob, showing the transforming power of Gods blessing. A story of Gods faithfulness to us even when we are undeserving.

    Scripture: Genesis 12:1, Genesis 27:5-10, Genesis 27:27-29, Romans 9:10-16, Isaiah 14:1.