Teacher: Megan Marshman

  • Citizens: Evangelism, Part 2

    Citizens: Evangelism, Part 2

    March 19, 2018  — 

    Guest pastor, Megan Marshman shared with us the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman. Ī¾Megan shows us how Jesus gives us the example to follow in being an evangelist, and the importance of experiencing for ourselves the Good News of Jesus, before we share it with others.

    Scripture: John 4
  • Romans Review: Living Out The Gospel

    Romans Review: Living Out The Gospel

    May 9, 2016  — 

    Megan gives us an overview of the first 12 chapters of Romans pointing out The Good News of the Gospel.

    Scripture: Romans
  • Good Friday

    Good Friday

    March 29, 2013  — 

    Good Friday service at RH Costa Mesa.

  • Palm Sunday

    Palm Sunday

    March 24, 2013  — 

    We take a break from our series in Acts to look at the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

    Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11
  • Joy


    December 16, 2012  — 

    Instead of focusing our hearts towards all the chaos and craziness of the holidays, we are called to spend this Advent season full of anticipation for the ways in which the Lord will surely move. This week, we focus on the joy that fill us if we are followers of Christ.

    Scripture: Luke 1:46-2:20