Teacher: Thaddeus Fennig

  • Drop What You’ve Accumulated

    Drop What You’ve Accumulated

    October 27, 2019  — 

    Jesus give a high call for all of us today to abandon trusting in what we’ve accumulated in our lives. He does it for the same reason He does everything – to invite us into the life we were created to live, which is founded on a relationship with Him and gives glory to God.

  • Drop Your Comfort and Go!

    Drop Your Comfort and Go!

    October 20, 2019  — 
  • Drop Your Ingrained Patterns

    Drop Your Ingrained Patterns

    October 13, 2019  — 

    This week, we see Jesus eating with “riff raff” and then not fasting like the other religious leaders. This creates a clear divide between Jesus and our call to be doctors of the sick, diagnosing them and leading them to life, contrasted by the Pharisees anger towards the new way of life, dissecting everything Jesus […]

  • Drop Your Old Habits

    Drop Your Old Habits

    October 6, 2019  — 

    Jesus modeled and sent the church out to preach and with authority to drive out demons. How has this impacted each one of us? How are you and I to continue this call to ‘preach and drive out demons’ today, in our own lives, and within the communities we’re a part of.

  • Drop Your Own Identity

    Drop Your Own Identity

    September 29, 2019  — 

    Jesus’s Baptism establishes His identity and then he’s sent into the wilderness. But in Jesus’s identity He fulfills long awaited promises that didn’t just mean rescue, but representation before the Father.

  • Drop What You Think Is Best

    Drop What You Think Is Best

    September 22, 2019  — 

    Jesus calls the twelve out of the crowd. And His first requirement isn’t that they do stuff, but that they are with Him. What does it look like to simply be with Jesus? How do we get it confused with living life over God, or under God; from God or for God?

  • Drop Everything

    Drop Everything

    September 8, 2019  — 

    Often good news of new kingdoms required dropping everything to realign with the new way of life. Why and how does the good news of the Kingdom of God require dropping everything?

  • State of the Campus

    State of the Campus

    September 1, 2019  — 
  • Storytelling Weekend

    Storytelling Weekend

    July 7, 2019  — 

    Members from the RH Charlotte congregation share their stories.

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