A third space is a chosen place where you will intentionally show God’s love to others.

A third space is a chosen place other than home or church where you will intentionally show God’s love to others in order to develop habits and a lifestyle of doing this wherever you go.

Having a third space allows us to invest in people where they’re at. It involves us operating under the authority and creativity of God in partnership with the Holy Spirit. The practice of intentionally pausing to see a space in the way that God does, allows us to show his love in ways that extend beyond our intuition and ideas. It joyfully gives God room to do his work, even when we don’t fully understand what he’s up to.


In this moment, we have a unique opportunity to focus our attention on people in our neighborhoods or people we interact with through social media, so for now, we’ll be highlighting ideas to connect with people in those spaces.


The Process


Ask God for creativity on how to engage your neighborhood and social media channels.


While in your space, intentionally pray…

  • with someone in real time (in person or through media)
  • that the Lord would give you opportunities to connect with others
  • for your neighbors as you walk by their homes or your friends/followers as you scroll through social media


Commit to be active in your space regularly. Choose a rhythm that provides frequent opportunities to interact with others.


Set specific goals to…

  • learn x neighbors’ names this month
  • walk your neighborhood x times a week to pray for and/or engage your others
  • reach out to x number of people individually from your third space this month


As you engage your third space, listen to God and intentionally show his love to others. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you and show you what he is doing. Ask the Holy Spirit if there is anyone he wants to highlight. If he does, ask him what he would like you to do.


Ask intentional questions and listen…

  • “What has been a high point and a low point for you this week?”
  • “What are you experiencing in your home/family/workplace right now?”
  • “How can I pray for you?”
  • Keep listening, you can provide a safe space for others to share


Be proactive to serve others by…

  • reaching out to neighbors to let them know you are available to help
  • respond to the needs people share with you
  • utilizing the Crisis Care resources on rockharbor.org for needs you are unable to personally meet

Ideas to Get You Started

It’s important to remember that when engaging in a third space, the primary goal is to have a conversation with God and act out of that. These resources and ideas are here to inspire you, but each step should always be surrounded in prayer and guided by the Holy Spirit.

  • Pray for your neighbors! Go on a walk by yourself or with your family to map out your neighborhood and become more familiar with it as you pray
  • Driveway Dinner: To mix things up during quarantine and find a way to get to know your neighbors in an easy way, eat a meal in your front yard/driveway to greet people that walk by!
  • Prayer Sign: Place a sign in your yard or on your front window letting your neighbors know you are actively thinking about and praying for them.
  • Prepare cinnamon rolls and OJ to share on a Saturday morning in  your driveway
  • Schedule a food truck to come to your street and pass out flyers to your neighbors inviting them
  • Throw a socially distant driveway block party
  • Deliver a goody bag to a friend or neighbor
  • Set up a resource table for neighbors who might be in need of supplies
  • Put a sign in your lawn to let your neighbors know you’re praying for them
  • Set up a picnic in your yard to greet people who walk by
  • Have food or coffee delivered to a friend or neighbor
  • Set up a firepit at the end of your driveway as a place for conversation
  • Project a movie or Rockharbor service on your garage door and invite neighbors
  • Phone a friend and reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in awhile or has been on your heart lately
  • Write a grateful post to utilize your social media platform well! You can post a video or written post sharing what you are thankful during this season and help spread the positivity!
  • If you aren’t close with your neighbors or want to reach out and get to know them better, host a virtual get-to-know-you gathering with them!
  • Host a virtual prayer night for your neighborhood.
  • Host a virtual gathering for the neighborhood to discuss important current events.
  • Attend or host a virtual cooking class or tutorial series with your neighbors and friends. Take turns teaching each other something fun or interesting!
  • To use social media as your Third Space, share about a way that God has met you during this time with your virtual community either through a written post or video. Share your heart and what you feel God is teaching you during this time — chances are, someone will be greatly encouraged by it! 
  • Host a Zoom game or trivia night
  • Sit down with your kids and color a picture for a neighbor or friend that encourages them during this season! Children naturally have a pure, confident faith that adults often have to strive for, and because of this, kids have a unique capacity for encouragement.
  • Have your child create an encouraging chalk design and/or message in front of your house for your neighbors to read. Another option is to decorate a poster and display it on your front window. They are guaranteed to make someone’s day!
  • Have your kids make a bouquet of flowers while on your prayer walk. Then have them ask God who it needs to be delivered to
  • Have kids color a picture or write a note to deliver to neighbors or classmates

Download one of these phone backgrounds to use as a reminder to keep your eyes open and be led by what God is doing.


Want to be a part of third space but don't know where to begin? We've got your back. ☺️ Here's the three-step process to help you get started. It's that simple! For more ideas on how to engage in a third space, visit rockharbor.org/thirdspace. Link in bio.

To mix things up during quarantine and find a way to get to know your neighbors in an easy way, eat a meal in your front yard/driveway to greet people that walk by! Engaging with your neighbors in this way can be a fun, spontaneous way to meet new people, strike up unexpected conversations, and is a great approach for those who want to go deeper with their neighbors in a practical way that perfectly fits into your daily routine. To take it one step further, you can even invite your neighbors to join on their front yards as well!

To find more Third Space resources, check out our webpage rockharbor.org/thirdspace.

The highlighted resource this week for Third Space — a chosen place where you will intentionally show God’s love to others — is for those of us who aren’t familiar with or know our neighbors particularly well. Even still, a simple way to reach out is by placing a sign in your yard or your front window to let your neighbors know you are praying for them. This small act of showing you genuinely care can be uplifting to your neighbors and even to your own home! As we all know — a little love can go a long way. 
Join with us and begin loving your community well!

Learn more at rockharbor.org/thirdspace