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All Church Elders

We believe that as an expression of the Church we must have the leadership of Elders. At Rockharbor we appoint Elders who are charged with sharing in the spiritual weight and responsibilities of leading and caring for thousands of people spread across multiple campuses. These Elders, along with their wives, are the spiritual overseers of our church.

Because we are a church of two communities we have two groups of Elders: All Church Elders and Campus Elders. The All Church Elders hold ultimate spiritual, operational, and financial authority in the governing of Rockharbor Church. Elders serve on the All Church Elder Team in three-year terms with an optional extension. If you’d like to contact the elders, you can do so by emailing

Current All Church Elders:

Steve Bender – Co-Chair

Steve Zamora – Co-Chair

David Van Winkle – Treasurer

Robb Hammond – Secretary

Jeff Thompson – Lay Elder

RHMV Campus Elders

The All Church Elders delegate the shepherding and care of the individual campuses to campus-specific Elder teams. Each campus is charged with nominating, from within its church community, men who will serve as Campus Elders. These nominated Campus Elders are interviewed by members of the existing Campus Elder Team and the All Church Elders, and confirmed by All Church Elders. Along with their wives, Campus Elders come alongside the Campus Pastor to pray for the staff and campus, monitor its activities, advise its leadership, and aid in decision-making.

RHMV Campus Elders:

Brian Hill
Jason Finley
Joshua Cox
Justin McIntee
Jesse Craig