At Rockharbor, we are committed to equipping and empowering young men and women to be effective ministers of the gospel of Jesus. Within the context of the local church, one of the ways we believe that happens is through our Apprenticeship Program.

The apprentice program is designed to give individuals, with a specific callings and gifting, the chance to serve alongside a Rockharbor staff member in a dedicated ministry. The goal is to gain practical experience as well as further develop your ministry gifting and vocation. Our values for the Apprenticeship are that it is hands-on, developmental, practical and personal.

While a part of the program an Apprentice is considered a Rockharbor Staff member and will be included on all staff meetings, developmental opportunities, and church wide events.

Apprentices serve an 11-month term starting Mid-September and ending Mid-August of the following year. This allows them to be a part of all major events and ministry programs during our ministry year. Apprentices should expect to dedicate approximately 25-29 hours/week to the program.  Wednesdays are a mandatory day at the Rockharbor offices, in addition to potential Sunday or other mid-week responsibilities.


Apprentices should be individuals who have completed college and are looking for experience within their chosen vocation and gifting.  Apprenticeships are not an opportunity to “find oneself” or for those unsure of their calling. Typically, apprentices are between the ages of 22-28 and are without the needs of life that would demand full-time employment. Apprentices are required to sign Rockharbor’s Leadership Guidelines and attend the church during the Apprenticeship.


Apprentices are not paid during the apprenticeship, nor does participating as an apprentice guarantee a staff position upon completion of the program.  Apprentices can work part-time jobs while enrolled in the program, if that outside work does not interfere with their participation in required activities.  It is recommended that Apprentices have saved money in advance of the program to provide for their needs. Proof of health and automotive insurance is required.

Apprentices pay a $600 fee to cover program expenses.  $200 is paid upon acceptance to the program, $200 by Sept 1 and the final balance of $200 by Jan 31. A 10% discount is given for paying upfront in full.

Apprentice Opportunities


Do you have a heart for reaching the lost and a desire to develop as a leader? In an increasingly secular culture, Alpha is an exciting course that engages people from all walks of life as we explore questions of life and faith through values of listening, hospitality, and genuine relationship. Intern responsibilities include preparing for and attending weekly Alpha gatherings (typically on Tuesday evenings), administrative tasks, and pastoral care for leaders and guests. This is an excellent opportunity for those who have a heart for the lost and a desire to engage in ministry on a deeper level. To get the most out of an Alpha internship we ask that Alpha Interns sign on for a minimum of 2 back to back terms.

The Caf

Do you love spending your days hanging out in Coffee shops? If so, why not try your hand in running one! The CAF is responsible for providing delicious, caffeinated beverages at our Weekend Services. This team strives to provide a space for people to connect with each other while enjoying a tasty drink served by our trained baristas. Help to oversee our team (cashier, barista, assistant barista, brewer and lobby & patio host.) and get practical experience managing a coffee shop, finances and people.


Are you a tweet-happy, Facebook-savvy, Instagram-loving person looking for a way to serve your church? Do you have gifts in graphic design? Are you a talented photographer? When you serve along with the Communications Team you’ll be able to use your gifts to communicate the vision, stories, and events of Rockharbor. This is a great opportunity for a photographer and or an intermediate graphic designer looking to hone their skills and gain professional experience or for anyone who is savvy with social media and wants to hone their skills and gain professional experience.


Do you get excited seeing people grow in their faith? Do you have a passion for evangelism and reaching others? Our Discipleship team oversees our Alpha Ministries, prayer teams and other aspects of spiritual growth. Serving with the team means you’ll be exposed to various levels of our church and provided opportunities to gain pastoral experience along with team-leading, administration and event planning.


Do you have a love for working with young people? Do you get excited about the idea of spending time with and discipling high-schoolers? Our family ministries team are raising up the next generation and you can be a part of that! When you work with the team you’ll be exposed to our Family Ministry Philosophy and develop skills in the areas of leadership, team-leading, administration, event planning, and care of a community.


Passionate about people? Understand the importance of having a church feel like home and family? Come join our Involvement team and you will be developed to lead teams, raise up leaders, plan and execute events, and create a friendly and welcoming church culture. You’ll also gain insight to the different ministries Rockharbor offers as the Involvement team works hand and hand with each ministry to know their needs, understand what they do, and help them staff accordingly. This is a fun, fast-paced, highly organized, and deeply relational position. Can’t wait to have you on our team!


Do you have a heart for justice and want to make the world a better place? A desire to invest your life locally or globally? When you serve with our Missions Teams you’ll learn about our efforts around the world and the ins and outs of Church Missions. We are looking for someone who is zealous about promoting mission at our campus and who can work behind the scenes to make mission happen. You’ll receive development skills in the areas of leadership, administration, and community involvement.


Do you have a passion for the operational side of churches and/or organizations? When you serve with the Operations Team you will work alongside our team to execute projects and develop resources to support our growing church. You would have the opportunity to serve in various areas of operations such as human resources, finances, technology and facilities along with exposure to volunteers, leaders and our best practices.


Do you have a heart for pastoral ministry? Are you interested in gaining pastoral experience in a local church? When you serve with our Pastoral Teams you’ll be exposed to various levels of our church and provided opportunities to gain pastoral experience in caring for others, working with Recovery Groups, administrating benevolence, and supporting Men’s and Women’s groups.


Do you love the energy of our weekend services? Have a desire to work behind the scenes to make them awesome? When you serve with our celebration and production teams you’ll get exposed to everything it takes to pull off our weekend celebration services. You’ll gain practical experience and training along with honing you creative and event planning and coordination skills.

Small Groups

Do you believe that spiritual growth happens better in living rooms than it does at weekend services? Are you passionate about being connected to small groups for discipleship and community? Join our Small Groups team in raising up new leaders, caring for groups and connecting new people to existing groups. You’ll be exposed to various levels of our church and provided opportunities to gain pastoral experience along with team-leading, administration and event planning.


Are you a musical and creative person looking to use your gifts within the church? Join with one of our Worship Leaders in developing others, raising up musicians, writing songs, hosting auditions and of course, playing lots of great music.  In addition to developing musically you’ll also develop skills in leadership, team-leading, administration, event planning, and care of a community.

Apprenticeship Program