At Rockharbor, we believe God’s plan to reach the world with His love is through us, His people. As His Church, we believe one of the best ways to advance the Gospel is by raising up, empowering, and sending out new church plants.

In 1997, a small team from Mariners Church stood in front of its congregation and was commissioned to the city of Costa Mesa as a church plant. Years later, that team, joined by the thousands more that make up Rockharbor, are now the ones called to raise up, resource, journey alongside, and ultimately commission and release new churches.

A Rockharbor church plant…

  • Is an increasingly autonomous community and not officially connected to RH
  • Has received the blessing and affirmation of RH leadership
  • Is unique to its specific context
  • Has its own Elder Team
  • Has its own leadership teams
  • Can share as much or as little of RH’s vision and values as it sees fit