Alpha is a safe place to process questions, express doubt, and learn from other people’s experiences. Each night consists of a short talk exploring a particular topic and question followed by a small-group discussion about that topic. Whether you’re new to church or you’ve been around for a while, Alpha is for you. Alpha is for everyone!

Alpha consists of two 4-week sessions with a one week break in between. The sessions are designed to build on one another but there’s no obligation to do both. Below is a breakdown of the sessions:

Session 1

Week 1 // Is There More To Life Than This?
Week 2 // Who is Jesus?
Week 3 // Why Did Jesus Have to Die?
Week 4 // How Can I Have Faith?

Session 2

Week 5 // Why and How Do I Pray? 
Week 6 // Why and How Do I Read the Bible?
Week 7 // What About Evil & Suffering?
Week 8 // Why Does the Church Matter?

Want to try Alpha?

We’ll be launching Alpha groups during the first week of each month for the next few months. See below for details on our upcoming launches and how to RSVP.

Alpha Online | Tuesdays- 7:00-8:15

In light of the CA stay at home order, we will be hosting this Alpha launch over Zoom

Session 1 // February 2-February 23
Session 2 // March 9-March 30

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Alpha | Wednesdays- 7:00-8:15

Session 1 // March 3-March 24
Session 2 // April 7-April 28

Registration coming soon

Alpha | Thursdays- 7:00-8:15

Session 1 // April 8-April 29
Session 2 // May 13-June 3

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