Alpha is an 8 week experience centering on questions of life & faith. It’s a safe place to process questions, express doubt, and learn from other people’s experiences. Each night consists of a short video exploring one topic and a small-group discussion regarding that topic. Alpha is for everyone. Sign up today and invite someone along with you!


Tuesdays, October 13-December 1 | 7:00-8:30 pm
In-Person: 345 Fischer Ave, Costa Mesa, CA

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Youth Alpha

Tuesdays, October 13-December 1 | 7:00-8:30 pm
In-Person: 345 Fischer Ave, Costa Mesa, CA

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Kids Alpha is a chance for kids to ask their big questions about God, life, and other stuff! It’s a safe space for curious kids to talk, think, and laugh as we explore who God is and what He means in our lives. Each of the 6 weeks will have a different theme, ask questions related to that theme (i.e. “Why do we go to church?”, “Who is the Holy Spirit?”, etc.), and explore those questions with games, videos, speakers, and small group discussions.

Kids Alpha (4th + 5th Graders)

Mondays, October 12-November 16 | 6:20-7:15pm
Online: Register for Zoom Link

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Alpha For?

Alpha is for everyone! No matter where you are at with faith, God or church, you are welcome to come to Alpha!

What does a typical night at Alpha look like?

Each night consists of a short video on a topic and then a small group discussion about that topic. That small group time is a chance to process and ask questions, express doubts or confusion, and learn from other people’s experiences and perspectives.

What are some of the topics that Alpha covers?

Each night’s topic is centered around a common question. The topics that are covered throughout the 8 weeks are (1) Is There More to Life Than This?, (2)Who is Jesus?, (3) Why Did Jesus Have to Die?, (4) How Can I Have Faith?, (5) Why and How Do I Pray?, (6) Why and How Should I Read the Bible, (7) What Does the Holy Spirit Do? (8) What About Evil? And more topics! These questions are just starting places. The group discussion takes its own form depending on who is in the group. No matter what, Alpha a safe place to process any and all questions and life experiences.

You said Alpha is online; how does that work?

Each week on Tuesdays at 7 pm you will visit where that week’s video will be broadcast. Then you will go to a small group via zoom that you were pre-assigned if you signed up.

Can I go through Alpha with friends or family?

Yes! If you have a friend or family member who you’d like to participate in Alpha with, make sure you both sign up on this page and indicate you’d like to be in a group together and we’ll make that happen!

I’m not very tech savvy, is Alpha online still for me?

Yes, absolutely! We’d love to take away any roadblocks to you joining us for Alpha. We will do all we can to make sure you are set up and know how to log on on launch night!

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

If you have any questions relating to Alpha, email Braden Delannoy.