Alpha is a safe place to process questions, express doubt, and learn from other people’s experiences. Each night consists of a short talk exploring a particular topic and question followed by a small-group discussion about that topic. Whether you’re new to church or you’ve been around for a while, Alpha is for you. Alpha is for everyone!

Alpha is designed as an 8 week experience; below is a breakdown of the sessions:

Week 1 // Is There More To Life Than This?
Week 2 // Who is Jesus?
Week 3 // How can I Have Faith?
Week 4 // Why and How do I Read the Bible? 
Week 5 // Why and How Do I Pray? 
Week 6 // Who is the Holy Spirit?
Week 7 // What About Evil & Suffering?
Week 8 // How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life? 

Want to try Alpha?

Alpha | Tuesdays – 6:45-8:30

In Person with Dinner Provided & Virtual Option

May 11-June 29

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